Music production

We at Sound Mind produce music according to our customer’s needs. Among other things we produce signature music,

speaks and jingles for radio and tv shows and comercials. Contact us for more information!


Examples from Sound Mind´s music production catalogue: (radio and tv commercials) – (Musiikkikamari/Sound Mind)

Sandviks AS / Vaukirja – Sininen Uni ja muita tuutulauluja

YLE Fem – Lasso (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

Haldin Communication – My New Country (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

Spotify – Rajala Pro Shop spot

Spotify – SAMK spot

Radio Vega – Over all sound (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

Apogee Oy – TELA web news (signature music)

Activeark/Nokian Panimo – Kesän Kauneimmat Äänet (Keisari-beer radio comercial)

Sokos Hotels – Restaurant Papa Albert (signature music for radio comercial)

ja! mediaproduction – Seportaget-All Or Nothing (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

ja! mediaproduction – Memories of Stockholm (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

YLE Station T (music production)

ja! mediaproduction – Discover India  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

ja! mediaproduction – Vagabond´s Africa  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

Löfbergs Lila – Coffee comercial

Radio DUV – Signature music

ja! mediaproduction – Vagabond´s Nordic  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

YLE Parlamental election (FST:s election program)  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

ja! mediaproduction – Vagabond´s The Balkans  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

YLE Presidential election (FST:s election program)  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

ja! mediaproduction – Vagabond´s Eastern Europe  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

YLE Spotlight  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

YLE OBS!  (Sound Mind/Sound Central)

Radio X3M – Show signatures