Music center with training rooms, music studio and PA-rental.

Sound Mind offers diverse services to musicians and bands. We rent out training rooms by the hour, with equipment of a high standard. We are situated in Vallila (Helsinki) where we have 10 soundproofed and acoustically treated training rooms. In the Sound Mind Studio you can record your music at a reasonable price. Furthermore we rent out PA-systems and produce music on request, for media, companies and private parties.

Training rooms

Are you looking for training rooms in Helsinki? We rent out 6 small and 4 big equipped rooms. You can book single training sessions, even for the same day, or make a regular training deal and save up to 30%.

Studio/music production

In the same location we have a high quality Pro Tools HDX studio. Here we record and mix bands, make jingles, speaks, commercials and more.


Rent loudspeakers, microphones and other sound equipment from us, it’s cheap and easy. Delivery to the location and back can also be arranged.

Sound Mind is closed December 24-26, December 31-January 1, and January 6-8.
We'd like to thank all our customers for the past year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

During the period July 2-31, Sound Mind is only open on Wednesdays 10AM-11PM. (July 6, 13, 20 and 27)
If you want to rehearse at other times during this period, please contact the staff.
Regular rehearsal sessions as normal the whole summer.

Sound Mind on jälleen normaalisti auki alkaen 1.2.2022. Tervetuloa soittamaan!

Torstaista 29.4 alkaen Sound Mindin treenikämpät ovat jälleen auki enintään kuuden hengen bändeille. Tervetuloa!

Koronarajoitusten vuoksi Sound Mindin treenikämpät on suljettu bändeiltä 1-28.4. Yksin saa treenata, eli soolohuoneet ovat auki.

Toivomme että asiakkaamme käyttävät kasvomaskia Sound Mindin yleisissä tiloissa. Kiitos!